Year: 2005

Welcome Home

So I have been back in Germany for almost 2 days now and right now the rain is hitting my window so I am skipping some sleep to update a little bit. I have mostly been busy relaxing and enjoying the last days of free time i have, ergo I have limited my internet activity […]


The crazy party life has just ended and after having had everybody over and all the good stuff, I am as tired as you can imagine.. so tomorrow I am flying out to Germany and will update from there. A lot pf photos were taken tonight, thats something to be excited about. I’ll see everyone […]

My love for corporate America

Part of being in a foreign country is falling in love with it’s consumer products. Especially the ones that are bigger and better than what you have at home or are a complete novelty to you. Let me just say that my life was changed upon discovering bagels a couple of years ago and that […]

Since England started sympathising with the UK

I really should have written this entry yesterday, so if something is missing… thats due to the late time. Earlyness! I got up at 8.30 and went to the Rochester Public Market with Kristin, Mary & their friend Cecilia, who is form the upper Peninsula of Michaigan, a place where Napoleon Dynamite’s life is considered […]

Time ajustment

Apparently I have to get up around 5 o’clock toimorrow morning to improve my chances of catching fish at the scheduled fishing trip with the Amicos. I am currently at their house and will soon go to bed, so the entry from today will follow up tomorrow night when I will most likely be back […]

Jesus Vega Jr…

.,.he is one of the people whose certificate for serving hung on the wall at california rollin earlier today, where i went around noon with Beth, Emmalee, Rachael and Joe, her husband-to-be. Momentarely removing the idea from my mind, that since breakfast not more than two hours had passed, I ordered some tofu pockets along […]

If you can imagine it, it has been done.

Krock on! Before I start let me just once again stress how relentlessly hot it is over here. Upon stepping put of the door, the heat hits you right on the face, it keeps you close to the ground and makes even me, generally a hater of air conditioning praise its inventor. The 2 or […]

Of half-blooded princes and seaweeds

Today started much differently than originally though and yet it was nice. First of all I slept in and was wondering why Margaret hadn’t woken me up, lateron it turned out that she too was having second thoughs on the whole Montreal topic and after I had pretty much had an argument with Beth about […]

The good pain

So… here comes the real entry for this day, I am writing this in the middle of the night but I am trying to reconstruct as much as possible. I had been anticipating this day because Margaret had given me a coupon for a professional massage for my 20th birthday (you need massages when you […]