Thousand Islands

I felt a lot better when I woke up this morning on thecouch of Beth grandarent’s house and celebrated accordingly with a careful breakfast which was, however, soon to be followed up with a massive breakfas with a huge amount of Beths realtives on a random picnicing island- it bacame obvious that our oat was not working properly and had practically no reverse. I did the whole egocentric thing and took highly unattractive photos of myself in the back of the bota (again we are going to have to wait until I get that card reader into my hands). Once we were back at the house Beth and I laid on the floor doing nothing at all in our united boringness and were bad friends to each other, I’d like to specifically announce that Beth is so fat that she can surround me.

AJ and Marty finally arrived and we all went on our replacement boat to to this island where we were going to spend the night- quite unfortunately was the second time with a rented boat even better and so we found ourselves stranded off the coast having a hilarious time not being rescued and being conronted with the xistential fear of actually being on a not working boat a horrifzing 100 meters away form the coatline. marty and I were waging cannibalism, Beth had to pee and so it was good that we got rescued.

The island was lovely, there were horses and, moreover a fourwheeler (zu deutsch: Quadbike) which Beth cousing Dan took me on a ride on- if testoserone had four wheels, it would practically be that device. Dan went fast and my eyes teared up from the wind (or was it the fear).

After eating we went to a trashy, white people dance where I was with my 20 years probably above average. Th ride back and forth in the back of this huge truck was yet quite fascinating. So a lot of fearing for my life today and quite a lot of fun doing nothing, Beth and I are good at this.