The world’s smoothest Jazz 24/7

And I am officially back in Rochester- only that I seem to have forgotten my compact flash card reader at Beth’s house so all i can do is to try and get as many of my “real” journal entries typed up for this and the pictures will follow as soon as I get that card reader back. Right now I am feeling the urges to write in German because I am just realizing how weird it is that I type everything up in English… i wish everyone spoke the same language and I didn’t really have to bother. Entschuldigung hiermit an alle deutschen Leser, die Amerikaner verstehen uns nunmal nicht und ich weiss ja nicht, wer das hier liest.

Anyway let’s get back into business with this whole journal thing that I really try on updating daily for once in my life. After we had done nothng but watching Room Raiders on MTV yesterday morning, this morning seemed to go by so much quicker because I was pretty much already on the road back to Rochetser an hour after getting up. No zoning out in front of the TV screen for today. Baas and I drove all the way back to Rochetser while blasting quality music through the open windows- by the time we got here it had started to pour so I was pretty much the bad friend and watched Beth walk back to her car in the rain. Once it had stopped to rain and I had checed my emails I went out in search of a mailbox but then decided to keep on walking down Monroe Avenue and ended up walking all the way from here to Midtown Plaza which seemed like waking up from a dream because the place was downright ugly and had totally lost the charme it once posessed when I would run in there from the cold nd wait for the city bus to take me to school here. It is really quite surrel to see some of the places here again. Rochester has a certain overwhelming ugliness in regard to some buildings, there are places that might have looked decent in the 70s and now feel like they should have been redone years ago, the paint crackling off the walls, signs that are incredibly faded by the sun, empty spaces, worn out plces.. you know what I am talking about if you’ve been here. It definitely gives the city a somehow unique look.

As of a totally different topic, Margaret’s cat is attacking me right now in its neverending hunger for attention and a place to drop hair on. So if I break out into misspellign everythign that is probably beause of the cat that sits in between of me and the computer screen.

I ended up buying myself some toothpaste at Midtown Plaza to justify the long walk and then headed back to Margaret’s where I talked to Kristin on the phone and we decided to go out to see a Rochester Red Wings baseball game- a sport that is totally beyond me but actually proved to be somewhat understandable after Kristin had explained the rules while we were sitting on the expensive seats we had not paid for and watched the Rochester skyline next to the intense adertisements at Frontier Field where the game was taking place. Afterwards we drove through the city for 20 minutes in search of a ramp onto the expressway and then went to Blockbuster to check out Pulp Fiction which Kristin had not seen. I wonder how you manage to not have seen in, but that has been fixed since tonight.