Who can win this game?

The title is about what Beth shouted out of her window at a red light next to 3 guts on a motorcycle while she had 5 people packed into her Ford Escort and seriously believed that she could school them when the light turned green.

“Lars, Europe is being bombed” was Beth’s father’s comment this morning in reaction to the terrorist attacks in London and so I quickly got up and watched TV with Marty and Beth- quite scary what is happening over there. We acted according to the plan anyway and went to Buffalo to get Beth the new iPod as her old one was broken. Unfortunately we had no time after that and could only eat some amazing chicken at the food court before we had to head back to Churchville. Watched some Prince of Bel Air and had apple pie for supper like the health conscious people that we are then drove to Emmalee’s where we were to watch various self-made movies that were extraordinarly fabulous. I also found out what peanut butter balls were and was granted the permission to spit them onto the carpet in case I hated them.

Emmalee eventually proposed that we should go to that Magnolia tree at Highland Park where we all hung out and caught fireflies, i was dragged along to Java’s afterwards (a place where both Beth and Emmalee spend 95% f their free time) were I met even more cool and interesting people such as Rachael and Marie and had interesting conversations abaut cellphone signals that genetiacally modify your sperm, the advantage of 4 arms, life as a whole and was pleasantly showered with compliments. thank you again. i have barkburn on my feet right now, but otherwise it was a fun night 🙂