More about the life at the ROC

Margaret and I have yet again managed to keep each other up talking and so I am typing this at 3.18 in the morning.. but that is what a vacation has to be, doesn’t it? Before my brain dries out from the air conditioning up here as much as my eyes already did, let me try to reconstruct this day for you, oh patient reader.

I had set my self an alarm clock and was going to read my camera’s manual today. then i figured “screw it”, kept on sleeping and did not read the manual all day. I am obviously a failure. I talked to Rene onlne about job loss and all that good stuff. Margaret and Michael arrived here, and left shortly afterwards to get their car fixed, I decided to walk to the bus stop at Midtown and relive the past by going to Greece Ridge Mall.. which is still kind of ghetto and does’t have many good stores but it was alright. I treated myself with a milkshake and some Taco Bell (unhealthy, I know) which i ate on the bus like the rebel that I am, than walked back from Midtown to Margarets house… all in all a pretty long walk.

Michael left to go to Massachussetts and Margaret and I met Joy, Megan, Mary & Kristin at the Little Cafe where Joy told the heartwarming story of her joining the Navy on the base of that Village People song “In the Navy”. I am ot even making this up. All the girls were really excited about seeing Derek Krause as well. That is sure going to be interesting. Joy left way too early, we went to Java’s where I played pool against Margaret put kept on losing, we all ended up at Margaret’s later after having randomly met Jake who was, however, pretty much only going to look for a place to shower- we all did the Finney gossip thing, Margaret got to drink some of the Snapple that makes her profusely drool-good times… that was pretty much the day. Tomorrow it is getting up at ten… brrr…