Mary Christmas

I am writing this update a day after the day had taken place so lets try to reconstruct. I think I did sleep in extremely long and then spent my day writing massive amounts of emails and sitting outside on Margarets frontlawn, finally reading my camera’s manual and figuring things out about it. i am seeing life in a different light now. i can pretty much do a white balance with my mind from now on. Kristin dropped by and together we enjoyed the awesomeness that is this air conditioning until it was time to do the long-postponed trip to wegman’s and buy some food. again i was confronted with the total inability of america to sell real cheese at a normal price and finally gave in and got myself an old-fashioned sub that, though mustard laden, exceeded my expectations by far. so apparently this showed that food needed to be bough which we then did with a tour through the supermarket, carefully counting money and waging the pros and cons of certain kinds of foods. finally we bought the greatest bucket of kitty litter ever and heaved it unto the shopping cart, leaving room for absolutely nothing whatsoever and proceeded to the checkout.

we hit the record archive afterwards, a used cd store where i skillfully bought one of the few cds that was actually new and not used. i am the proud owner of the world leader pretend album now.

beht picked me up and we inevitably ended up at java’s where a homeless guy talked to us for years and begged for changed, sang us an r&b and a hip hop song and told us about the fact that the puerto ricans beat up the blakcs nowadays. joel and emmalee showed up + a friend of beth’s named ewa.. we all talked and then left towards churchville but where sidetracked by a trip through the surrounding towns such as bergen (which sounds like virigin). we arrived at her house where we ate food and watched dumb and dumber, probably one of the greatest movies ever if you don’t want to think. beth kept falling asleep though, apprently she is boring.

as you can tell, i wasn’t really in much of a photo mood today.