The good pain

So… here comes the real entry for this day, I am writing this in the middle of the night but I am trying to reconstruct as much as possible. I had been anticipating this day because Margaret had given me a coupon for a professional massage for my 20th birthday (you need massages when you get old) and so we drove through the rain (finally!) to get to the massage place. The woman, or rather the massagist, knew my name for some reason and so I got to walk up to her in the room, strip to my underwear and lay down on the massage…bed? thing? i don’t know, it was definitely really comfortable though. The following 30 Minutes were both painful and plesant at the same time, apparently i got a “medium pressure” massage but some bones are deifnitely somewhere else than they were before now. The term pleasant pain has hereby been coinsed, though I did feel a little awkward after it for a while. The massage itself was deifnitely amazing though, they even played soothing chillout music and outside it was thndering, everythign was a little surreal.

Afterwards Margaret and I geeked out about hair products (this place was doing both massages and hairdressing) upon which she bought some hair product that is apparently “a penetrating blend of..” whatever, I just found that amusing.

Kristin came by later and together we did nothing at all, other than organizing me an amazing sub from Wegmans… subway can definitely not live up to this. Basti Koenig, soltest du das hier zufaellig lesen, dann weine jetzt:

Since Paul does not seem to care about us and didn’t call like he said he would and Mary was being boring, we did the Rochester toursit thing and watched the lasershow at High Falls, the central waterfall that is right Downtown and gets lit and lasered every couple of days in the summer. the thing turned out to be slightly propaganda-ish, they played god bless american “at least here i know i’m free” and I felt very, very limited in my overall freedom and personality for i am not from america and obviously not free. (“Freedom is not free”)