Of half-blooded princes and seaweeds

Today started much differently than originally though and yet it was nice. First of all I slept in and was wondering why Margaret hadn’t woken me up, lateron it turned out that she too was having second thoughs on the whole Montreal topic and after I had pretty much had an argument with Beth about it yesterday night, I was not too unhappy when we decided on mutile consent that we should stay in Rochester. Margaret was having a bad day which was amazingly funny ebcause she kept on pissing herself off and together we passionately swore all morning until I told her my favorite joke about the cannibals who eat a clown and we went out to actually do something. she surprised me by going canoeing, or rather kajaking, so to speak on a river close to Penfield. the whole thing resembledd a maze made from seaweed and water, and plus I had never kajaked before, so we had a lot of fun (even though it rained for a while) feeling like explorers, picking waterflowers (however they were called) gettin stuck in the seeweed in narrow passages and, las but not least, engaging in a furious waterbattle that lef both of us soaked beyond understanding.

we eventually headed back and got ourselves some quite amazing grilled cheese sandwiches, after that Beth came to pick me up to go to the wedding of Adam Krautwurst, who I had never met. This had originally been planned and I would not have been able to go if we had gone to Montreal. The wedding itself was nice and sappy, what puzzled me, Marty and Sascha, who was there as well was, however, the constant repeating of the theory that the wife had to be subject of the husband and even had to swear that in an oath. that would creep me out if my future wife did that. i don’t want anyone to be subject to me.

the wedding reception afterwards was fun, beth and i kept making remarks about our own attractiveness, i had actual real food, something i was uite excited about and waite din line for ice cream, i sort of danced even though i am bad at this and together we all wept a little out of the sheer sappiness a wedding causes. it makes you want to get married out of peer pressure, i am convinced.

again, we rolled the windows down, blared “welcome home” by coheed and cambria, and left at 10.30 to pick up emmalee and geek out at borders where beth had preorder harry potter books back in february. so right now i am actually taking a break from reading this downstairs. I am at beht’s house with emmalee, beth went to bed alrea or she has to work tomorrow, Emmalee and I are going strong yet. the bookstore was intensely crowded with nerds like us. we had harry potter stickers taped to us and scars painted on our forehead.s for some odd reason i am also wearing eyeliner right now. anyway, i can’t really upload photos form here, so that wil follow along with an update of yesterday once i get back to Margarets computer. Now i will go forth and take on the next chapter of Harry Potter.

Emmalee is probably a page ahead of me in that photo