Jesus Vega Jr…

.,.he is one of the people whose certificate for serving hung on the wall at california rollin earlier today, where i went around noon with Beth, Emmalee, Rachael and Joe, her husband-to-be. Momentarely removing the idea from my mind, that since breakfast not more than two hours had passed, I ordered some tofu pockets along with the others and a couple of minutes later we had a grand total of 14 half tofu pockets sitting in front of us which we then enjoyed. they might be one of the tastiest things on the planet. they serve them with ginger, that tastes like a good kind of laundry detergent and joe and i agreed on the general importance of food as we took sips from our soy sauce.

what followed was a tour across the city of rochester where beth first got a membership for a community darkroom (which is, as i just discovered today, in walking distance from here), where we then looked at used cds at the record archive and afterwards went to the salvation army, a huge second hand store where i was quite horrified with the overall ugliness of all they had to offer to me. instead i watched beth, emmalee and later gina (who ran into me) try on and purchase horrendously special pieces of clothing and a rather exciting pair of shoes that beth discovered and brightened her day.

i was taken home afterwards, read some harry potter outside in the sunshine (i am not a slow reader just try to not read too much in one sitting), wrote emails. looked at the news (reelection in germany is now officially happening!) and then chilled. right now i am trying to decided what the weather permits me to wear out there. soon beth will pick me up and we’ll go to javas to see john cannons band play… les see how that goes.