Since England started sympathising with the UK

I really should have written this entry yesterday, so if something is missing… thats due to the late time.

Earlyness! I got up at 8.30 and went to the Rochester Public Market with Kristin, Mary & their friend Cecilia, who is form the upper Peninsula of Michaigan, a place where Napoleon Dynamite’s life is considered average. I dn’t exactly know what we were doing there originally, but the girls ended up looking at fake brand purses for a good 45 minutes while I stood next to them openly questioning the existance of fall colored purses. Happily, they all purchased a bag, especially mary fell in love with hers.

We also met Risi who gracefully offered to cut my hair because apparently she is becoming a hairdresser right now. And apparenly I need a haircut.

After such endeavors we went to Kristin and Mary’s family party (they are actuallt realated, but i did not find that out until half a year of knowing them either, so don’t worry about it) where I graciously ate free fod and met the whole family. Highlight of that was clearly Kristin’s brother Mike, who had not only memoriezed the movies Signs form beginning to end, but also reenacted it in the cornfield behind the house.

The driving continued afterwards when we picked up Paul to go to the new Eastview Mall Apple store. Because we are sun nerds. While Mary and Cecilia had passed on that, Paul, Kristin and I assaulted that store with our combined nerdiness and were immediately talked to by the staff, who were hired by the dozen as it seems and kept talking to us. So that too was pretty fabulous and made me want to get a new computer that is far out of my price range.

Paul in front of Victoria’s Secret

Not too far form the mall was Kristin’s friend Casey’s house who we then visited for a late brithday party once we had managed to find our car at the eatview parking lot. there we got to not only eat more free food, talk to Casey and a couple of her friends but also use the pool. Overall a pleasant experience, even though Paul broke my sunglasses in the attempt of fixing them and contemplated taking pictures with my camera underwater, wrapped in a freezer bag. I heard some fabulous storries about Paul’s life was changed by his frequent visits to the abandoned Rochester Insane Asylum (=Irrenhaus) and the story of how he jumped out of a moving van while going 30 mph (=50 km/h). the kid is insane.

it started getting darked, i got hungrier and so we went to meet mary and cecilia at Spot coffee where I bought one of their beautiful grilled cheese sandwiches.

we all talked about finney, the upper peninsula of michigan until we noticed that our former teacher who was formerly knows as miss fowler (and who now has bush posters in her room at finney) was sitting at the table next of us. we talked to her but unfortunately she failed to recognize me entirely.

Since I was going to stay over at the Amicos, I did the one reasonable thing you do if you don’ have Beth’s cellphone number on you- I walked to Java’s (isn’t all that far), where she obviously was, we came up with a time to leave and so I spli from my former classmates to go to Chruchville.

now my arm hurts from typing and i really need to sleep.