My love for corporate America

Part of being in a foreign country is falling in love with it’s consumer products. Especially the ones that are bigger and better than what you have at home or are a complete novelty to you. Let me just say that my life was changed upon discovering bagels a couple of years ago and that I take peanut butter home to Germany by the dozen. Because it is just that much better. Thinking about what positively changed my life the past month inspired me to make this list.

-Welch’s Grape Juice. Made form fresh Niagara grapes, this stuff has costed me so much money and brought me so much joy. They pretty much put drugs in there, I am sure.

-Hollister Co.: It is somewhat sad how much I am giving in to the teenage life with this one but Hollister is an amazing store. All I can say. I love the way it is dark and they made it look like a beachhouse with closed blinds. and that nobody in germanny is going to have their clothing.

-Wegman’s Old Fashioned Submarines- I never understand what the guy wants to put on there, but eating a sub from Webmanns just made me never want to go to subway again because it is bound to suck in comparison.

-Starbucks’ Tazo Chai Frappuchino- combine the best of two worlds. Starbucks Frappuchino and the deliciously exotic Tazo Chai. This just makes sense.

-Tapas Pear Walnut Gorgonzola Cheese Raviolies. No explanation, that stuff was hands down the best thing I have ever eaten.

-California Rollin’ Sushi. I’ve never had ACTUAL sushi but I had their tofu pockets and their cooked sushi and it was very tasty.

I’ll update this when I get around to it.