You are peeing right now

I seem to have a digestion theme going on in my journal entry headlines- and I am not even doing this for the cheap way of getting attention, no, believe it or not, these are all things that I have encountered. Today, I found the message from above on my camera which had apparently been kidnapped to take a picture of a note which said this. Just so you know.

I recieved a rather terrifying email from my sister this morning, she’s in Inda and it looks like it is not working out that well yet. But she’ll be fine, I’m sure. Either way, it made me not eat breakfast today, so by the time Gina picked me up to meet Lisa and Beth at MCC Java’s, we both agreed that picking up a bagel was an amazing idea. Right after that we were treated with a free Kinky Reggae, which was admittedly a lot better than the one i make at home. Oh well.

Then it was tofu pocket time over at California Rollin’ and again it was blissful beyond all. Us four wandered around the grafitti park for a bit, it was way too hot to be existing up there however…

Beth & Spraypaint

Beth and I moved on to Eastview and laughed at their prices for everything. A rather large guy tried to sell us a mattress. Weird.
Shortly afterwards a phone call happened and before we even noticed, we were eating rather green pesto for dinner with Lisa, her amazing housemates/one of their boyfriends… enjoyable!

Lots of food today, perhaps that theme does fit. Anyway, I am really out of it from having written that many journal entries today. I think I will go to sleep…