What are our lives but shrimp and pineapple?

Rain in Rochester is one of those things I will hardly ever get use to. I am alright with snow and su, but rain just feels so wrong. We had a thunderstorm for about half an hour or longer happening tonight and Beth and I were pretty sure that we were going to get struck by lightning, mostly because of her terrifyingly large necklace. She is being incredibly boring right now and is painting her nails instead of talking to me, so contemplating the fact that I am running behind AGAIN, i felt like updating. Surprisingly little that has happened so far today but then again, this is not a bad thing. Woke up this morning and got down on my knees to clean the kitchen at Margaret’s house because I felt like doing a good deed might drastically improve me as a person. Beth was going to call me when she got out of work, but she never did. I figured that she didn’t have my number, I didn’t have hers either, so I had a slow morning of cereal eating, housecleaning, showering, email reading and that good stuff. Beth came, picked me up, sandwiches were had, thrift stores were explored and we spend a good deal of time on the frontyard.

I don’t really know what is happening tonight, so I guess this entry is pointless yet again.