We chit-chatted and then she peaced out to Minnessota

After having read my last journal entry, Lisa confronted me if I was having second thoughts on the whole going to Ithaca thing. Apparently I had falled victim to the English language again and not expressed myself in a way that reflected the fact that I was excited about going. But it all didn’t matter because her skirt fell off a few moments afterwards.

So Ithaca it was- a town that I primarely knew because someone I used to online-stalk a while ago moved there, sad, I know. But I forgot all of that by the morning when we woke up and decided to take the most liberating shower ever. It was boiling-hot outside and as we would later find out, the temperature was supposed to reach 100 degrees that day. It was surreal. So we got ourselves some breakfast/lunch and headed out to Ithaca. Unfortunately, Lisa’s CD player in the car stopped working after a very short time, forcing us into having an actual conversation. That could obviously not go well and so a couple minutes later we found ourselves screaming state names at each other. It will be an interesting ride down to New York next week.

So we got there after a gorgeous drive and after getting beautifully lost, we invaded the stores at Ithaca common and felt really good about ourselves and the fact that we were shopping fair trade. The whole town had something alternative to it- especially the coffee shop that was entirely run by hippies. I managed to spill my organic ice tea all over myself, but thez were kind enough to not only replace it but also provide us with the driving directions to the amazing park we were going to explore. They have this park through which a river flows- only over several levels, thereby creating these waterfalls that were pretty wide but not very high. we literally jumped (partly) out of our clothing (Lisa had rehearsed that the night before) and spend at least two ours in the water, climbing up waterfalls. Lisa discovered her calling in life to be piling up rocks in the river, so Beth and I explored the park, climbed trees and mountains, whereby Beth used the fact that she was wearing a skirt for pretty much anything imaginable.

When the sun started setting, we went back into the city where we met Lisa’s friend Nicole, and ordered Clazones to eat at her house. The states of Minnessota, Missouri and such were insulted, we ate huge amounts of ice cream (even though I almost ended mz friendship with them over the taste) and then drove home, dodging deer and what we later decided to be an opossum on the road while listening to the sweet sculptural sounds of Sulfjan Steven’s “Illinois”. So basically the whole day was about the various states in the union, summer, waterfalls and the ability to not trip and crack the head open amongst nature’s wonders.