…because my friends used to lie to me when i was little

Recently I have significantly expanded my knowledge about the art of confronting someone in a loving way- Carefronting. Say if you significant other had bad breath, you would likely try and be considerate of their feelings. Therefore, and this is what they taught Lisa in China, you should go after the following formula. “When you do (Insert whatever the person does) it makes me feel (Insert your feeling) I would rather you (Insert the action, te person is supposed to take to make you feel better)”. It is one of those pieces of advice, that would potentially make the world a better place if only it wasn’t utterly ridiculous. “Mary, when you have bad breath, it makes me feel repulsed and unattracted to you, I’d rather see you brushing your teeth more regularely.”

We have picked up on this, and whenever the opportunity arises, we now talk about our feelings using the carefronting formula. It sometimes ends in swearing but generally, we are really making this world a better place. For me and for you and the entire human race.