Here's to being there

In the long tradition of publicly whining about the pressures of university, I recently retreated to email when describing my current lifestyle to my dear friends as follows:

If the toilet book was at hand, I’d draw myself with rainclouds over the head, one of them reading thesis, the other reading master.

And though it is admittedly lame to quote oneself on such a self-centered publication as a blog (we live in a time where one can register “.me” domains after all, so have some mercy), it gives you an idea of the relief that was my short-term vacation, which took me back to the homeland over Easter. Having ignored my colleague Veronica’s thoughtful advice “Say no to Ryanair”, I left Barcelona in the early morning hours of Thursday, arriving in Germany just in time for lunch. “Another on-time flight of Ryanair”, the speakers proudly announced and there I was, back in Germany for the first time since December. It may not seem like much, but  somehow it felt like a proper vacation. The weather was magnificent and Germany continues to be the standard when it comes to food, suprmarket selections and prices. I was dancing through the supermarket aisles and making nonstop use of my ability to speak the language fluently. Truly liberating.

Let’s just say that it was a delightful Easter- mainly spent in the sun, quality times with the family and Anika, who managed to take me to the pet shop pretty much as soon as I got there, large quantities of food and a random trip into the forest surrounding Buchholz, where Christian was determined to get me to the one small elevation we so generously call mountain- but got lost in the forest instead. Before I knew it, I had gained a suntan, at least 1 kilo of weight and it was time to get up in the middle of the night once more to drive back to the airport.
In the end it comes down to 3 and a half days being way too short to accomplish just about anything. But on the other hand, it was a lovely time frame to just be away in a country so entirely different from Spain, checking in at “home” (whatever that is these days) and enjoying all that is there.

For now, it is back to the thesis and the Barcelona lifestyle. Insanely enough, however, I will only be dwelling here for a mere 3 days of (hopefully) productive work, before I get on yet another plane headed for Copenhagen. My carbon footprint should not be messed with…

Lost in the forest

Christian, rather lost in the forest.


Ania and I, enjoying the fabulous weather

Inga, once more