The essence of a city

What makes a city look like it does? Aside from the obvious, architectural considerations there is so much around here that makes Barcelona feel distinctly much like Barcelona. I have previously referred to it as “stupidly gorgeous” (yes, this whole quoting myself thing is getting out of hand), but with my most recent acquisition of a cheap, and rather low-tech lens (all plastic, no zoom, back to basic), I might finally be able to illustrate what I mean. The lens is so light and so small that I can take my camera around with me to more places and thus capture some Barcelona moments. Here’s a few from yesterday’s walk through the city, that was strangely deserted and quiet on Easter Monday.


Raging against the machine: Illegal ballgames.

In our world it's about being different.

Standing out.

Art in public spaces

Art in public spaces: The parking garage gallery.

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