Treasure Hunt

With the thesis over, Anika has come to Barcelona for one final visit before I head back to the Netherlands in a few days. The weather has assumed that strange, late-May atmosphere, where it is humid and hot at the same time and you kind of wander through the streets as your brain gets fried by the heat. Instead of wading through the Paella-eating and Sangria-drinking tourists on the Ramblas, what better time is there to retreat to the sidestreets and to enjoy Barcelona’s many quirks? We set out in search for treasures and quickly found artworks in the trash, cat asylum homes, cervezabeermyfreind?, accidentally racist beach towels and beautiful vegetarian food. Amazing how a few days can let you forget almost all of the last weeks’ stress. Here are a few impressions.

No words

White wine, success!

The cat garden

Cats and broken hearts

Dancing! Juheee!

Throw away your art and DANCE!

Smile, you're on camera!