Bright Lights & Cold Water

It feels like the first real summer day since returning from the slightly more Mediterranean surrounding about a month ago. After 2 and a half weeks that were spent in Germany, where life was so relaxed that I essentially forgot about all stress and worries of thesis times, I am now back in Den Haag and it is actually warm.

My return coincided with the second coming of summertime and the windows I opened up wide when I arrived have not been closed any more ever since. It is a bit odd here- my house is essentially inhabited by strangers who don’t seem to be home at any time of the day. Also, a lot of people are yet to return from the distant lands they currently dwell at. Nevertheless, there’s a strange feeling of adventure in the air, with the thesis defense coming up next week and my studies finally concluding roughly a few days later. What is interesting is that lack of certainty everyone has about their future, we’re all comfortably much in the air about what will happen with our lives come September.

What better time to sit by the open window and blare music, go swimming in the ice-cold North Sea, marvel at the empty beach and the wildflowers taking over the neighborhood. And to finish up projects and create power point presentations for next week’s defense, for that matter. Anyhow. Things are looking bright, at least for the next couple of weeks when I know what is going to happen.