As I recline in my chair in Spain, my bachelor thesis is concluding its  epic route into the inbox of my university all the way in The Netherlands. With all that sudden relief and free time, I will hardly know what to do with myself. Thanks go out to Lisa for printing and delivering the fruit of my work.

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  1. christoph May 21, 2009

    This one is still ahead for me 🙂 From all the terror described by you, I am sure it was only half as bad as you said it was, my favorite drama-queen.

    • Lars May 21, 2009

      i do tend to exaggerate a bit. but, we’ll talk in half a year, my friend. remember me when you try to finish your conclusion and put in those roman page numbers on the first page. “dammit”, you’ll say “lars was actually right on that one”. 😉

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