Kicked out at the library.

It took me a while but I feel like I am finally figuring Barcelona out. I keep on discovering new places that I enjoy a lot, especially in El Raval, a city quarter that is on the verge of becoming hip. I am torn between the obligation of sitting down over the thesis and exploring more things, so today essentially became something in between- including two libraries, quality time at the bookshop where I would like to buy everything and time at the adjacent café where they serve fantastic Café Latte along with the much-loved wireless fidelity. Dutifully carrying my laptop, I was able to work in all of those places and still enjoy the vibrance of the day- Saturdays in Barcelona are full of life and people flock to the streets- a harsh difference to Sundays when the entire place shuts down and close shops are lined with disappointed tourists who then proceed to eat paella on the Ramblas and wash it down with Sangria. As cliché as it gets.

Spot on.

The last days have full of sunshine, the official act of putting my winter coat back into my suitcase and reasonable productivity. All that needs improvement now is the social life, which dramatically lacks behind the rest. Must be the headphones that prevent me from making friends- if only they would stop releasing good music…

Luckily I have photography to keep me company. Here are two more pictures from last week- I somehow never uploaded them.

Take your pick.

Take a pick. Seen in Barceloneta.

Up up and away.

Open-air escalators! Take a deep breath.

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  1. Dr. Summer March 11, 2009

    Dr. Summer says:

    Get out there! Now! ‘Photography to keep me company’ you’re not a farkin’ grandpa yet, are you? Go out with Thiago, the frat girl, anyone. Think: ‘Fuck all! Tonight I’m just gonna make it count!’ If you don’t go out and expose yourself to the dangers of disapointment, you’ll never get over it.

    So go on, son, and indulge yourself, lean back and just enjoy the melodies. After all, music soothes even the savage beast.

    Afterwards, lay down your weaponry that cause the loneliness and change it with indifference towards the location and try to see the things worth living for, which are plenty where your are. Perseverance, perseverance and you’ll get there.

    Sorry, but you know how much I hate desolate feelings due to unbalanced commitment… 😉

    Yours sincerely,

    THE Dr. Summer

  2. Lars March 12, 2009

    Thanks for the counseling, doc. Luckily, things are in fact picking up as we speak. I shall report back to you regularly, from now on. 😉

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