What makes my stay in Spain entirely different from the one in Scotland is the shear amount of visitors I have had and that keep continuing to fly in. While it is easy to get carried away feeling popular, it must be the successful city branding that Barcelona somehow achieved. I experience it almost daily on the phone at work, when I mention “…calling from Barcelona”, a key phrase that seems to get the mental projectors going. “Sunlight! And cosmopoli…tanity!”, they seem to think and put me through to anyone.

Anyway, the mental images even convinced my mother to leave behind Germany for a few days and jet over to Barcelona to immerse herself in Spanish lifestyle. Interestingly, she managed to stay at a room providing even more UV-free surroundings than mine (something I had not thought possible) and took a Spanish class to brush up the much-famed intercultural communication skills. All in all, this had the rather curious effect that I suddenly had a parent in the city, and one that had a surprisingly large arsenal of Spanish vocabulary. “Do you know the word for ‘boar’?” she would ask, and I’d feel like she speaks much better Spanish than me. It was good to have her here though. With the last years’ “Living somewhere else every few months” life you tend to get a little out of touch with the family- it took me a few days to even realize that once work was over, I could go out to dinner with my mother. Yet another proof that the world is a small place…

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