Fun times

Spanish Healthcare System: 1; Dutch Healthcare System: 0

I just got back from the hospital where I got to experience Spanish health care first-hand after managing to dislocate my shoulder at work today. I am feeling fine, just somewhat constrained with my left arm in yet another cast. Since sharing is caring, however, I decided to make your day somewhat more educational with the above x-ray from this afternoon.

Edit: And yes, it happened while trying to open a window. True skill. To make sure all things are considered, however, take a second to remember the fact that each year, more US citizens injure themselves with couches than with chainsaws.

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  1. Lars April 16, 2009

    well, thanks to your energetic rush to get my health insurance card, i now make a point of always carrying it with me. proved to be a good idea. speaking of good ideas- i modified the post accordingly.

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