Assuming a liquid state

Some very, very cold days in Den Haag as of late. That may be directly related to the fact that I work in a store without proper heating, but ever quick trips to the market have me shivering in front of the poffertjes stand.



After the madness of the New Year’s party had died down, however, the comfortable part of winter finally began. I am talking about the whole chocolate milk drinking, sitting around in a sleeping bag and eating apple sauce, making verse munttee and watching strange Norwegian indie movies part of winter. Somehow this had not been adequately addressed before Christmas, thanks to work, uni and all. As such, the past couple of days have been wonderful, seeing that pretty much all of that happened. Even the rooftop got some attention, when we took some of our visitors up there to sit in the freezing cold to drink tea and work out just how long we could stay before our limbs got numb.

We are currently looking for a new housemate, as my friend Anneken is moving out to pursue the internship of her dreams in New York City. When writing the ad to place the room online, we were faced with the interesting challenge of describing the atmosphere of the house in a few words. Going with something along the lines of “In our free time we enjoy eating guacamole on the rooftop” made me realize that we live in a pretty special setting. So far the applicants have promised new guacamole recipes, turtles, Spanish, a PS3 and guinea pigs.  It will be very interesting to see what we can find and who fits in here.