Post-modern tease

The window

Excuse the long hiatus, dear reader. Having been entirely spoiled by last year’s endless summer that began in January and lasted all the way into September has made it hard to accept the fact that this year is the exact opposite. The climate change skeptics are moving into battle, proclaiming that this winter could not possibly mean that we are warming up the planet, the Dutch government falls and in my quiet corner of the world, the days are flying by like never before. It has been almost a month since about 1/3 of my social life went to New York, and so I am increasingly  spending my days with new challenges of the everyday life: Finding out what exactly post-modernism entails, obsessing over infographics and new music, learning about services that take the internet to completely new levels of randomness. Somewhere in between these things I squeeze in time for significantly less interesting essays, as well as wrapping up the Master’s at Leiden. Which is meant exactly as ambiguous as it sounds:

“The University of Suffering”: For about half a year, Leiden has largely been a train station with a university behind it for me. Sure, I knew there was some more city to the place, but having come from Den Haag, where I lived in the city I studied in had naturally exposed me to way more of the university surroundings. Sure, at some point it became a bit of an experiment of how well I can function like a Dutch citizen, a notion recently affirmed when the notification came in the mail that I am now allowed to work. Nevertheless- after half a year I feel like I am finally settling in in Leiden, and while the university experience continues to fall a bit short of my expectations, there are certainly people making up for it in some sense.

The coming months promise to hold great things in store. Sure, I will have to return to endless whining about writing yet another thesis, but I will be visited by some of my favorite people out there. First, Anika is coming to Den Haag for a good 2 weeks, culminating in a spontaneous visit to Portugal (powered by the good folks at Ryanair). A month later, I have my friend Beth flying in all the way from the USA, which will result in many days spent biking through the city, pointing at things and somehow referring them socialism.

In the meantime, I promise to be better, write some more thoughts down and share some I find in other places. Here is something smart about an album that has been keeping me captivated, the fantastic “Teen Dream” by Beach House:

These are songs that are laid out like a fine suit or a beautiful heirloom of a wedding dress, placed on the edge of a perfectly made bed, in a room flooded with some of the warmest, most blinding and awesome sunlight imaginable. They are songs, like those items of clothing, that you are almost scared of touching or getting closer to, afraid that they’re just too idyllic the way they are now, not rumpled or creased, just quiet and unfussy, not needing you to be complete

To finish things up, here are a few images of the last weeks. More as soon as I get to it. Lately there seems to be a lot of captivating and bewildering things out there that somehow grasp my attention- and result in neglect of the blog.