"Een Duitser, een super-Nederlander en een wit-geschminkte kabouter"

I have decided to enjoy Easter Monday even more now that I know we are part of a select group of nations where it is an observed holiday. In that spirit we got together with a whole bunch of friends from around the city in what became the longest, most extensive Easter brunch ever. Extending over the incredible length of 7 hours, it included way more food than we could possibly eat, an Easter egg hunt on Regentesseplein and Gert’s insanity, which resulted in spraypainting a garden gnome on a rooftop. Beth was struggling to be herself for a lack of Caffeine and so we eventually ventured home to enjoy a cup of her favorite beverage, again on top of the roof. Generally, there was a whole lot of time spent on roofs today.

All in all a good day- though the last 3 days of unabated relaxation are now causing me to seriously want to do things with my life. Productivity it will be, henceforth!

Unfortunate Situations

On the plein


More success!

On the roof