Sometimes a bloody knee is a small price to pay

Tobias and I took one of our runs tonight, and I am not sure whether it was the cup of coffee we had right beforehand, but something kept us fueled and running much quicker than usual. As usual, we took a certain route that takes us to the sea, and when we got there tonight the sun had just set, it was dark except for the water, which lay before us in a golden panorama. You must imagine it as a band stretching from one sight of your vision to the other. Coming from the dunes and still pretty much running, we descended down to the shoreline and were suddenly surrounded by the water, gleaming with the last bit of available light.

As my time in Den Haag is coming to an undeniable end, there are things that make me consciously appreciate the place that has been my home for so many years. Even after all this time of living 10 minutes from the sea, its presence is somehow always a surprise to me. And laying on the beach, still breathing exhaustedly from the run, I wondered how different living somewhere remote from the sea would be. While others come home from a workday and sit around in front of the television, the beach is always ghostly empty. Somehow that horrifies me. I cannot express how important I find that time outside, particularly by the water. It keeps the head clear and gives you time to think. Whilst standing there on the shore, staring out at the waves, it is hard not to ponder your life and somehow assess everything you do.