Fully submerged

A last view out of the window

Something I always enjoyed about Den Haag was that the place seemed somewhat removed from the passing of time. Not only did it barely change since I first went there 4 years ago, it also looks historic in many places, which allows me to take pictures that could have been taken in the exact same way 30 years ago. With that, there is a certain nostalgia for a time I only know from pictures.

I find that when leaving a place, we tend to conserve the image we have of it in our heads. It seems to be part of the human nature to file things into virtual drawers in our heads, drawers which we can then open back up years later. Often, when you return to a place you haven’t seen in a while, it appears unreal that changes have taken place at all; then the content of those drawers needs to be reshuffled to mirror the kind it changes you have seen. Should you never return, you will most likely forever have this certain image of it in your head.

In that sense, used my last weeks here to burn images of this place that I called home for 3 years into my head. No matter what changes there, in my head it will remain suspended in the comforting state it was in when I left. Good times, great friends, the freedom of university, the beach, the Netherlands. It’s been a really great time there and as sad as I am to be leaving, I know fully well  that I can always return. Until then!