Veggie Fuel

The Mountains!

I have just returned from a week up in the beautiful mountains of Northern Italy, hiking through the mountains with Anika and getting my nose burned whilst searching for groundhogs, hermits and all those other animals that supposedly populate that region. Much to my avail, none were found- while Anika briefly got to lay eye on a groundhog from the distance, my own animal spotting skills simply weren’t up to the task and considering my terrible track record on animal spotting, I might just want to give up on the whole endeavor in the future and become a photographer of immobile objects.

Thankfully it was beautiful nonetheless, it had snowed right before we arrived and the sun quickly came out afterwards, making it the perfect weather to spend 8 hours walking up and down a mountain. It is actually quite the rewarding experience once we reached the summit and got to sign our names into the “summit book”, in which some Austrians have previously signed their names and academic titles- who knew they were so obsessed with those? Unfortunately there’s always the way back down from the mountain, which then ruins your life. Anyway, after all the controversy surrounding the question if vegetarians are even able to make it through the day without fainting from a lack of nutrition, there we were, a vegetarian and a quasi-vegan, taking on the mountains whilst nibbling on carrots. We shall prevail!

The light blue lake


Anika & I