It took me until just now to realize how incovenient wearing glasses can be in winter. For the uninitiated, you walk into a building with hot air, your glasses will fog up, leaving you partially blind, which is ironically the exact opposite of what glasses are intended for. You wave your arms around in momentary blindness and then, like a curtain opening, the fog fades and you are inside. It is like walking through an airlock.

And yes, the air is cold at -4 degrees on a November morning as I am making my way through the traffic to Kreuzberg. Turns out that somebody left the store door open over night, yet magically nothing seems to be missing. Is it telling that people don’t even come to the store when it is unlocked over night? I sit around, uneasy, and wait for the day to pass. Over in the United States they are eating a record number of turkeys today, something around 45 million huge, dead birds and consequently the internet has come to a virtual standstill with many of my favorite media outlets taking a breath for the day. At 5, I have sold a grand total of one bag to a random person who decided to come by. Oh wintertime.

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