Negative scanning the hell out of winter

Today I learned that there’s a phobia against snow, which amounts to nothing less than an “abnormal fear of snow”: Chionophobia. Needless to say, I don’t just find these things out, it usually happens amidst a healthy dose of finger-pointing and name-calling. The reason lies in my utmost reluctance to accept my Northern fate and simply freeze for 5 months before summer returns. Over the course of the last months, this has earned me the label of a negative-scanner: A person who sees the worst in things, effectively spoiling the fun not only for themselves but also for everyone around them.
Today Lisa and I stood by the kitchen window and mused over the snow. “Well, I like it!”, she proclaimed earnestly “It makes everything look nice”. “That is exactly the problem”, I added “snow is a sneaky bitch.”

Holland in winter

Holland in winter

You can tell that it has gotten bad. While the rest of the world continues to like the snow, I turn into a grumpy old man. Sure, winter has its qualities, dramatic sunsets over Weimarstraat, the crisp cold air, and also the beach in winter has undeniable poetic qualities. Yet there’s simply this time in January when the lookout for summer seems to turn into a downhill battle, with more snow coming and crushing all hope of some quick end of winter. On top of that I have clearly been spoiled- this time last year I was packing my bags for Barcelona where winter was over by the time I got there. I find myself openly daydreaming about this when my fingers go numb on a long bike ride. I guess in the end it boils down to the fact that January usually has me stuck in a certain place while I am feeling that desire to get out and travel. This is what ultimately causes a bad mood. January is a halfway-through-everything month. The point right before things turn around, positively.

On that note, to scan positively for a change: All the negativity I am currently feeling will turn into a very real and radiating bliss by the time summer comes. Scroll back a few pages and read those positive posts from me. Yeah, I can’t wait for it to resume either.

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  1. Sebastian January 13, 2010

    Cheer up, Winter over there isn´t that cruel at all. 😉
    Well, considering Barcelonian weather.. it might be cruel. But hey, as it happens we are both german, both adapted to freezing northern european winters.

    Just wanted to leave a comment, its a nice blog that you are running here. I came back from Den Haag just some month ago after an exchange at the HEBO department. Great city that is, watch out for continuing taking good photos.


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