"Berliner Stadtgeräusche klingen anders als Hamburger Stadtgeräusche"

Anika is actually way more versed in the Berlin lifestyle than I could ever hope to be. She has been everywhere in the city and always seems to know what is going on. Despite of not living here, she knows when bands that won’t be famous for another 2 years play in some decrepit basement club, so I am often just trusting her judgement and follow her around. When René came over for a few days and I found myself in the position of having to show him the city and to tell him as much as I could about the ways of living in Berlin. It was a bit of a view into the mirror to see how the city has affected me, and how it seems to affect others. René had his very own ideas, which circled around the central hypothesis that the members of this very special Berlin society try really hard to be as different as humanly possible. For him, it is not the city affecting you, it is you coming to the city and believing that you need to behave differently. To test this, we travelled around, took as many kinds of public transport as humanly possible, were invited to the Berlinale film festival and quickly noticed: That idea warrants additional research.



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