Twenty kilometers

So much to do and see these days! Since we last spoke, there have been major developments that not only have me sitting in an office more than 40 hours a week in relentless pursuit of a career, spring has also rolled around the corner. And the more time you spend behind computer screens, the more you crave the sunshine, the fresh air and whatever it is that people do on weekends. So all the better that Anika came over for a few days that led us through Kreuzberg, to Prenzlauer Berg and Mitte in giant circles that spanned something around 20 kilometers. It is amazing to see how the entire city is waking up from the cold grip it had been in for what seemed like an eternity. People are outside! Old folks sit in the sun! The brave have their coffee in front of the café rather than indoors. Bikes are ridden and ice cream is consumed. And we realize how much we have missed the birds. Time for the good half of the year to begin!

To be old in spring.

To be old in spring.

A shame

Desolate realizations.

Anika & Michi

Ginger gun

The culmination of Janka’s self-defense dreams: It’s the ginger gun.