Leipziger Allerlei

Leipzig Sunday sky

There are little treasures in this country, yet since it is so big and there’s and a widespread conviction that there’s no place like home, one tends to overlook what’s out there. I feel like I am only just beginning to get to know my home and native land. At any rate, one of such places happens to be Leipzig, which I had never visited but finally got around to on Sunday.

Anika came from Dresden and I took the train from Berlin with absolutely no agenda whatsoever, arriving at 9 in the morning to a city that was just waking up and where the sun-drenched park benches were filled with people smoking cigarettes and having a beer for breakfast. So when Anika arrived we left that desolate part behind us and wandered around, marveling at the weather and the communist relics that nobody had seemed to have bothered taking down. It is like waking up to a brave new world when the sign glistening in the sun before you reads “State-Owned Furniture Manufacturing of the German Democratic Republic”.

Eerily enough, the city remained empty, and so all there was to see was for us to discover on our own: Decayed facades, public parks with minks and otters, sketchy-looking gyms. After taking it all in, we settled on a park bench like old people, enjoyed the sun and sudden spring as well as the feeling of liberty. It was like a tiny, concentrated vacation espresso. I promptly managed to fall asleep on a park bench and woke up to a burned nose, blue sky and yet barely anyone but us amidst this mix of old and new.

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