Without Fear of Wind or Vertigo


Berlin turns out to be strangely deserted during the holidays – normally, I wouldn’t know, as I tend to follow the flock and leave the capital – this time, however, I decided to stay and could have taken endless amounts of photos of the empty streets, public places devoid of any people and carless intersections. As if to limit spite me, the weather promptly turned awful, prompting Mareike to exclaim how nice it was that I had stayed in town over Christmas. It was only after the snow had settled that time seemed to speed up: Visitors from various sides of the globe arrived, the fog lifted and much was accomplished: Lapland odysseys, bridges at 5 am, abandoned airfields and coffee in all forms, Colombian bus signage and analogue photography, stroopwafels and stolen toilet paper, lulo and Wiederaufbauprogramm 1961. The list could go on forever.



Soho House


At Buscaglione