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Songbirds seem to be the recurring theme of the past days: It’s 5:30 am on the fourth day of what must be a historic heat wave in Spring and I just woke up from the incredible clarity of the their chirping outside of my window. The sun is already out, it is both quiet and really loud at the same time and though I have to work later today, I can’t seem to go back to sleep. What better time to reach for the computer and upload some photos?

It seems incredible that less than a month ago, we were facing snow and unreal conditions, while these days can be spent by the river in Dresden, overlooking the river – which is precisely what I did for the two days I was there to visit Anika. It always strikes me as stunning how much everyone misses the sun after a long winter and how spending your days in the summer heat can feel surreal to no end – time went by in an orange blur of heat and endless, spoiling sunsets. When biking home yesterday night, I tried remembering all that had happened over the weekend and easily managed to fill the 20 minute bike ride just by inventorying the components of what had been a successful few days: Arriving to the most beautiful scenery of late night Dresden on Friday, experiencing warm wind in the alleys of that city and emptying a bottle of wine by the river, exploring an abandoned factory with Melissa (the rather surprising visitor) before living the high life on the rooftops and feeling like the 1% and coming home to an ice-cold pitcher of my newest love, Mugicha.

Melissa happens to work for Soundcloud now, and speaking with her, I finally understood what that site is all about: a much looser definition of sounds than I ever thought. It actually fits really well with what I have been trying to do on Things that happened to me for years – capture moments and ideas – so consider this an experiment.


Along the river

Im Hecht

Im Hecht




It’s lonely at the top



Kreuzberg sunset


We found a factory




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