We have accomplished everything

When inspecting a glass container at the flea market last year, I was approached by an old man who pointed out the proper use for such devices: “Many summers ago”, he said (or at least that is how I remember it), “I would pick elderberries and ferment them in one of these containers. Me and my friends got incredibly drunk!”. Somehow the memory came back up last night when Mareike mentioned elderflower-syrup (which conjured up loads of images from my childhood, my little hand holding a glass of amber syrup and all) and so we set out to pick some flowers. The scent of the flowers can hardly be described – it is almost overpowering in its intensity. Combined with the strange atmosphere of an empty train lot, hot air and fading daylight, it was easily the most powerful sign yet: Summer has indeed arrived in Berlin.


Elderflower at night


Michi & Mareike