Open season


We were going to be the most well-behaved visitors to ever make the trip to Teufelsberg: Stare at the abandoned radar towers from a distance, take a photo or two and not even think about crawling through a hole in the fence – but then a guy opened the gate and let us in. After having paid a tiny fee & signed a waiver that the owner could not be held responsible for any injuries to occur on the property, he wished us well: “Don’t go into the first tower, it is full of asbestos”. This, apparently, is how Berlin’s legacy of old buildings is slowly going to be monetized. After all, capitalism always wins in the end. Those were a few well-spent euros, though: While the buildings contained several death traps (open elevator shafts, anyone?) it offered an amazing view – and even better acoustics courtesy of the white dome you see in the above picture.

The belly of the beast


Anika & the abyss

Yours truly