The Alpaca Experience


Last weekend, I received the following text:

This idea to spend our Saturday around alpacas was inspired by my housemates growing fascination with them. And there is really only so much time you can talk about alpacas until someone starts searching for the nearest farm, which turned out to be about an hour outside of Berlin. A former DJ from the city had moved into the countryside a few years ago and now spends his days breeding alpacas and showing them to the world. So we rented a car, packed some warm clothes and started driving. We had long started referring to the trip as “The Alpaca Experience” – which turned out to be a very fitting term: Alpacas not only look… funny, they also sport an extremely kind spirit that has a strange and really almost thrilling effect on you.

Their character goes back and forth between between curiosity and fear: They might approach you, but shy away once you try to touch their extremely fuzzy fur. They might greet you by touching noses (!) and then give you a demanding look from their deep, black eyes to request food. It was – and I don’t say this lightly – love at first sight.

So we stood out on the pasture, surrounded by alpacas of all possible shades and it just became colder and colder and colder. I could no longer feel my toes, the blood circulation in my hands had long stopped, and yet all three of us had this incredible grin glued to our faces; an almost childlike sense of wonder. As we were leaving, our guide informed us that alpacas were actually used in therapy: “They are sometimes called the dolphins of the pasture“, he said and closed the gate behind us. “Alpacas are extremely kind and friendly to humans. Plus, there’s nothing better for winding down after a long day of work than to sit down with the alpacas. It actually reinivigorates you.” With the animals’ spell of the still on us, we nodded in agreement. “So,” he asked, “do you also want to see the dog puppies?”

This is how a weekend should begin.



Nothing like standing in the middle of a herd

In the middle of the herd

Denim v. Alpaca teeth

Nose greeting