Das macht einen kaputt

Thanks to the flu, most of my week had looked like this:

Sick and in bed.

Or like this, which was about as much of the outside world I saw whenever I wasn’t sleeping.

Winter light

All the better when I not only got back on my feet but spent two full days in the sunshine and the freshly fallen snow.



Mr. Decker


Sowjetisches Ehrenmal

Treptower park’s Soviet Monument not only features the giant statue of a heroic soldier smashing a swastika, but also the kind of pomp and glory to go with that accomplishment.


I realize this is a tacky vintage filter. While I usually try to stay away from those kinds of things on there, it just suits the overall feeling of spending time on a frozen lake in Weißensee so much.

The crack

There were, however, some scary parts of the ice.

Anika & I