The great unknown


Last night, when our backpacks had already been zipped up, a strange fact occurred to us: Never in our almost none years together had Anika and I spent two consecutive weeks together. We were having dinner on the balcony and wondered just our relationship would fare during the vacation. Was this a make or break moment? Would we return, having realized that one week is the maximum we could deal with one another?

As for actual concerns, we were surprised by how little there are. The only thing certain about this trip is our uncertainty: We are flying into Sofia and have a return ticket from Dubrovnik in Southern Croatia. Aside from accommodation for the first two days and some notes on Sofia (thanks Lora & Dani!) we are going into this as unprepared as we have ever gone anywhere.

It is the kind of vacation that only became possible when several factors aligned over the last years. Mobile Internet. Cheap flights. AirBnB. On top of that, the states between our start and end points went through significant turmoil in the past 20 years, causing such strange facts that you cannot travel from Kosovo to Serbia – only the other way around, since Serbian border guards frown upon passport stamps of a territory they consider a part of their own. All of this makes Eastern Europe seem further away than it actually is. The flight we are on takes only two hours and yet it feels like a much bigger journey.

Who knows what will happen in the coming two weeks. Who knows where we’ll go. Right now, sitting on the plane and hearing the announcement of the pilot, it feels like we are embracing the great unknown.