Belgrade – Priština

Taking the bus from Belgrade to Priština feels like entering a parallel universe. Not only is the connection severely hidden on all official bus schedules, the passengers are also a completely different crowd than those we saw in Belgrade. For starters, everybody seems to have a pretty firm grasp on the German language. This is what the Babelfish must feel like: You are on a bus surrounded by Kosovo Albanians when all of the sudden, the ticket agent starts counting out the money in a heavy Bavarian German. Families talk to each other in German across the aisle, it is completely absurd. To top things off, Kosovo is using the Euro, so we should feel right at home there.

For an entire week on the road, we had met not a single German tourist – which seems impossible, considering how many Germans there are all over the world, waiting for you behind the next street corner or at the table next you in the line at the café. It might be our selective perception but Eastern Europe seems to have been spared of the German invasion – which makes it all the stranger to see so many German speakers on the bus. On top of that, they are actually big fans of our nation, giving us the thumbs up when talking about Germany. This should be very interesting.




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