It is a lucky coincidence that after all these years, my former comrades from Den Haag have mysteriously decided to flock to similar places: More and more people end up in Berlin, some went to London… and well, some to Sydney. All the better that Liam and Lisa flew all the way up from Australia to visit London, making it the perfect opportunity for Margot and me to go there as well. And as these things go, I quickly ran into even more familiar faces.

The city is large. Very much so – something that essentially served as the theme for this entire trip that consisted of many journey through London’s tunnels, up and down Primrose Hill, over to East London and – since we really like walking, even with foot injuries – a five hour walk from Notting Hill to the city center in the middle of the night, with nothing but London’s finest fry wraps to accompany us.


…and it rained all day.








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