Minus Twenty


This might be the year when I finally make my peace with winter. For years, it has been the season I absolutely dreaded, it was so cold, dark, and grey that you could barely go outside. But this winter has been an absolute breeze and just might make me forgive the previous ones. For the most part is has been mild but sunny, but this week it suddenly turned crisp and cold, with beautiful blue skies. On the radio, they called it a “textbook winter”, and for once, they were spot on.

Blood orange



Lately, I have been feeling unexplainably restless. Each free minute seems wasted if it can’t be spent outside. So I brave the winter on my bike, constantly make all my friends go outside with me, and step out into the snow on the balcony with bare feet. For some reason, it has felt incredibly satisfying to be outside in the sunshine and the cold, it has been making me feel randomly accomplished.

Im Gehölz

Im Landenanflug

Today might have been the perfect day to feed this newfound addiction. When we woke up, the sun was already out and the entire apartment was drenched in light. The weather report said that the -10° felt like -20° and I happily went outside to visit the market, where the vegetables were literally frozen. After breakfast, Anika and I spent all day outside, barely noticing the cold. And when we stopped at a little café in the neighborhood, the owner summarized all that has made this winter great: “I love this kind of weather – everbody who comes in is in a good mood.”

Die Freundin

A cup of coffee in the sunshine