How does one catch a parrot?

In Bruxelles, little dolphin statues are a thing. Several households use them to decorate their dusty windowsill and apparently to brighten up their homes. One of them stood out as particularly dramatic: It featured a bare-chested and wide-eyed mermaid, riding on the back of a dolphin.

My trip to Bruxelles was a bit like that: From the outset, it was kind of random – but proved to be oddly charming.

I was led through the streets by Lilia, who not only pointed out photo opportunities; we also explored a massive antique store, had drinks in the evening sunshine and with the Eurobubble, learned about changing the world with shiitake mushrooms, missed a bus and got lost in an art deco neighborhood, spotted tropical birds and were invited to mysterious meetings. And then, I even got soaked on the way to the plane. Belgium, you are an intriguing land.




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Catching a parrot


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