O.K. Tokyo

By the time we reached Tokyo, we had almost run out of time. I took very little photos because I felt like we had barely any time to take in the city in the two days we were there. Needless to say, Tokyo is absolutely massive and rather unsurprisingly, it is also the place that feels the most Western: With its many English labels, the occasional English menu and the few English speakers, it is a relatively easy city to navigate. It also looks like a large Western city does – which seems a bit disappointing at first. What still makes it uniquely Japanese is the way the people populate the city though; it is the glitzy arcades and strange fashions, the busy commuters with their mouth protectors and the streets that are lively still eerily quiet. It is a strange place where you have to watch out for people so focused on their smartphone displays that they bump into you. Hopefully someday, we will go back and find out what it is all about.

Stylish Tokyo

Big city



Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building