More on Routine

Let me explain why I am posting a semi-inspirational video that begins with the still of a yoga pose on top of a mountain.

A while ago, I wrote an article about routine and how being bound by it makes it appear as though time passes more quickly. I was reminded of it today, when I saw the video embedded above. And ironically, searching for the article, I realized that I wrote it three years ago – and that time in between has indeed flown by.

I have realized that challenging myself, be it by learning a new language or embarking on a new project, in effect disrupting the routine, helps stretch time into longer, more enjoyable segments. But it is very hard to keep challenging oneself, since the task requires you – by its very nature – to consciously counteract the inertia we all tend to fall into.

“Routine is the enemy of time”, the central quote from the video above, is a great quote to keep in mind – especially when settling into a new one, like I am after all the changes of the past year.