Esplanada dos Ministérios em construção. Brasília, 1958. Foto: Marcel Gautherot/IMS

Palácio do Congresso Nacional. Brasília, 1960. Foto: Marcel Gautherot/IMS

Wherever you stand, you have the impression of being on the margin of a dangerous precipice. Brasilia stands on the margin. — Were I to live here, I should let my hair grow down to my feet. — Brasilia belongs to a glorious past which no longer exists. That type of civilization disappeared thousands of years ago. In the 4th century B.C., Brasilia was inhabited by men and women who were fair and very tall, who were neither American nor Scandinavian, and who shone brightly in the sun. They were all blind. That explains why there is nothing to collide with in Brasilia. (…)

(From Clarice Lispector’s short story Five Days in Brasilia)