“I like podcasts because the screen is in your head.”
Scott Carrier

Photography may not seem like the most obvious topic for a podcast: After all, you can’t show pictures on the air. But it is precisely the challenge of covering a visual medium in an auditory one that intrigues me.

I take pictures, but I also wonder where the medium is going. Photography is in the middle of an exciting transformation: Every two minutes, humans take more photos than ever existed in total, just 150 years ago.

Cameras have become tiny and ubiquitous. Technological innovations keep stretching the concept of what a photo even is. At the same time, the past and the personalities of photographers offer rich lessons of where we’re headed.

All that means there is plenty to talk about – about the role images play, the power they have over us, and what it means to be taking them. In other words: Photography has a large enough spectrum to warrant a podcast, whilst being narrow enough for me not to get carried away.

Speaking of spectrums: The name Available Light is both a reference to the way of taking pictures and a nod to its essence.

I believe that photography isn’t about cameras, lenses, films and megapixels, but at its core about the etymological meaning of the word: Drawing with light.

About Me

My name is Lars Mensel. I am a writer and photographer from Berlin. I used to work at the magazine The European, and now run The Idea List. Find more about me and my work here.

Where to Listen

You can stream the episodes below or find Available Light in your favorite podcast app.

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Episode 06: Introspection

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Episode 02: New Vision

Episode 01: The Banality of Color