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Many Layers of Blackpool

Blackpool — a somewhat ominous sounding name to foreign ears — is a city on the Northern English coast. Often dubbed the “archetypal British seaside resort”, it was a popular holiday destination for families from nearby cities like Manchester and Liverpool. Here’s a picture from the turn of the century, courtesy of the Library of […]

Preston Bus Station

A few months ago, I stumbled upon a black and white image of a starkly modernist clock somewhere on the internet. It was the central time piece of the Preston Bus Station, a terminal built in the late 1960s, and either an eyesore or a brutalist masterpiece, depending on who you ask. On the photos […]


It is a lucky coincidence that after all these years, my former comrades from Den Haag have mysteriously decided to flock to similar places: More and more people end up in Berlin, some went to London… and well, some to Sydney. All the better that Liam and Lisa flew all the way up from Australia […]

A London Thursday

Woke up on Christoph’s living room floor, had breakfast in Notting Hill, carried a giant lamp halfway through London to take photos in an underground lair, drank tea with Martin and made it back to Berlin in time for the evening news. It’s funny how long 24 hours can feel when spent outside of any sensible routine.